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B 4 U come 2 Rodos
Some general information about Rodos / Greece

Learning Greek !!
Some useful phrases in Greek

Usefull Links if you plan to come to Greece.

Current weather conditions
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Past Life !!
Who were you in your most recent past life!

Gallery Photography

Learning a new
language... Greek!

Books to learn Greek!

How to win friends and influence people!

Yassoo - Hello or Goodbye!
Kalimera - Good morning!
Kalispera - Good evening!
Kalinichta - Good night!
Efharisto - Thank you
Parakalo - Please!
Nai - Yes
Ohi - No
To onoma sas? - What's your name?
To onoma mou enay... - My name is ...
Apo poo istay? - Where are you from?
Imey apo tin... - I'm from ...
Thelis ena poto? - Would you like a drink?
Yiati ohi? - Why not?

Getting from A to B ... and maybe back again!
Poo boro na vro ena taxi - Where can a get a taxi!
Poo inay o stathmos leoforion - Where is the bus station!
Enay makria? - Is it far?
Poo inay to xenodohio moo? - Where is my hotel?
Poo enay e yineka moo? - Where is my wife?
Poo enay o andras moo? - Where is my husband?
Ehasa ton dromo moo - I am lost!
Imay edo gia dio evthomades mono! - I'm only here for two weeks!
Poo imastey? - Where are we?
Poo inay o hartis? - Where is the road map?

Emergency measures!
Voithia - Help!
Grigora - Quickly.
Fonakste tin astinomia - Call the police!
Fonakste tin yineka moo! - Call my wife!
Min fonakste tin yineka moo! - Don't call my wife!
Fonakste ton andra moo! - Call my husband!
Min fonakste ton andra moo! - Don't call my husband!
Fotia, fotia! - Fire, fire!
Ehasa to diavatirio moo - I've lost my passport.
Thelo enan dikigoro! - I want a lawyer!

Up close and personal!
Isay pantremeni? - Are you married?
Pame yia cafe? - Shall we go for a coffee?
As vrethoomey avrio - Let's meet tomorrow.
Moo aresi poli! - I like it very much!
Moo aresis para poli! - I like you very much!
Poo menetey? - Where do you live?

Those every day occasions!
Chrionia polla! - Happy Birthday!
Kalo paska - Happy Easter
Kala Stefana - Happy marriage!
Yia sta heria soo - Health to your hand!
Kai sanotera - To more success!
Kalo taxidi - Have a good journey!
Perastika - Get well soon.

And finally ...
Moo teliosan ta hrimata - I've run out of money!
Inay spasmeno - It's broken.
Kani enan periergo thorivo - It makes a funny noise!
Ti enay afto? - What's this?
Enay ligo mikro - It's a little small.
Ti ora fevyi to telefteo leoforio? - What time does the last bus leave?
Den milao elinika - I don't speak Greek


Blue Lagoon - The Pirate bar
Studio GAS - Dance Station

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