Le Palais Ltd. Rodian Entertainment Center. Rhodes " Rodos " island Greece

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B 4 U come 2 Rodos
Some general information about Rodos / Greece

Learning Greek !!
Some useful phrases in Greek

Usefull Links if you plan to come to Greece.

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Past Life !!
Who were you in your most recent past life!

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New Page
" Wrote About Us " is a new page on the right side menu, with THE BEST of GuestBook

New topic in Le Palais' Message Board
" Cocktails & Drinks " An area if you wanna know what's inside this cocktail that's driving you mad!!! Having any good cocktail sugestions? Let everyone know in this Message Board area.

New topic in Le Palais' Message Board.
New topic in Le Palais' Message Board has added "Appointment in Le Palais!" Is an area to let the people know about the time of your arrival to Rodos and give an appointment to meet in Studio GAS or Blue Lagoon bar.

New topic in Le Palais' Message Board.
An area with the name "Greetings" has added in our Message Board. Is an area to send greetings to our staff and to people that you met through your holidays.

Page Update
The "Music" page in Studio GAS web site has updated with lots of links about Dance music ...and more...

NEW Page
New page in Blue Lagoon web site has added with informations about Pirates.

Page update.
The Page Tech-Spec in Studio GAS web site has updated with new photos and equipment spacifications.

Blue Lagoon - The Pirate bar
Studio GAS - Dance Station

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The Early steps of the company and its development.

Dutch Gardens, Inc.



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