Here, execution and torture are everyday events and the gruesome side of history is brought chillingly to life.

1st Part

It is separated into two sections the first is a guided tour of the torture methods though the ages, from around the world, brought to life by the gruesome wax figures.

2nd Part
The second part is an exploration of fear;
you will be alone with your fear, which will guide you through the maze of unknown terror.
These experiences are brought to you by real people - or are they?
The living dead will greet you when least expect, and follow you on your journey through the limits of fear.

Often asked how long does it last? The only answer can be, it depends on how scared you are and how quick you can run.

This can be experienced by all nationalities, as fear an international language that needs no interpreters!

Definitely not an experience for the faint hearted!

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